about the artist

Even as a child Salma was fascinated by what she saw around her: Colours. Flowers. Shapes. Textures. From the minute details in a petal to sky-wide patterns in the clouds. 


Her mother encouraged her creative impulses by always carrying in her purse a pencil and some paper. When something caught Salma's attention she would suggest she draws it. Beyond drawing, she was intrigued by how things fit and worked together whether it was architecture, furniture or clothes. Many times her parents were surprised by her rearranging their furniture and decorations. And her childhood skills at sewing, crocheting and knitting meant her dolls enjoyed personally designed and created clothes. She even had her first solo art show at age eleven at school featuring drawings and paintings, 3-D models, found-object sculptures and paper sculptures.


Salma was born and educated in Amman, Jordan. Then, in 1987, she left behind the world she knew to have her eyes opened to a completely different world in Canada. Wide-open spaces, abundant greenery, lakes, streams and oceans became fresh, new inspirations.


Her dream of being a full-time artist was delayed and repeatedly pushed aside by the need to make a consistent living and the other pressures of life. Yet the dream remained alive and in 1999 she made the brave (and somewhat scary) commitment to practice her art and design full-time.


Seeking balance, harmony and beauty. It is an attitude  a viewpoint of life  that has many diverging expressions, from very personal preservations of beauty on canvas to commissioned paintings to helping clients realize their visions through interior design.


Notably, Salma has never felt the need to be restricted to any one type of creative expression. Flowers frequently are the subjects of her paintings. Yet so are energetic abstracts using entirely different techniques, creating studies in texture and the interaction of colours which invite you to experience a connection through multiple levels of sensory stimulation, touch and sight. 


Welcome to the world as Salma sees it...



Shows & Exhibits 

Wine & Art Walk Abbotsford - May 11th, 2017 4-8pm. Click for tickets 

2017 - 2019 Harvest Grill 'n' Greens, 2528 Montrose Ave, Abbotsford, BC


October 2013 - Vancouver Home & Design Show


May 2011 - Eastwood Onley Gallery, Vancouver, BC


December 2003 - April 2004   Kiwanis Longhouse Centre for the Visual Arts


November 2003 - Richmond Art Gallery


October 2003 - Delta Hospital, Kiwanis Longhouse Centre for the Visual Arts, The Delta Town & Country Inn


September 2003 - Tsawwassen Medical Centre, Delta Hospital, Kiwanis Longhouse Centre for the Visual Arts, and the Delta Town & Country Inn


August 2003 - Harmony Arts Festival; Interior Solutions Design Group


August 2003 - Omega Custom Framing & Gallery


July & August 2003 - Kiwanis Longhouse Centre for the Visual Arts


March 2003 - Richmond Cultural Art Centre


February 2003 - Richmond Cultural Art Centre


November 2002 - Richmond Cultural Art Centre


October 2002 - Richmond Art Gallery


June 2002 - Van Dusen Gardens